Thursday, October 03, 2013

Jars Of Clay - Fall Asleep: Let the Music Speak!

Great bands fall through the cracks all the time, but that doesn't mean they won't crawl up from the bottom and shine again.

As music fans, we sometimes forget that we need to make an effort to promote our favorite bands, but we are at a lost as to the best way to do so. Is social media the best way to share the music of your band? Does it hurt the music or just frustrate fans? We have to ask ourselves if it's even worth the effort to share on Facebook and Twitter. Will our favorite musical artists fall through the cracks? Will they get a chance to shine? Does our share on social media even get an audience. Who knows. I'm full of questions, but that's not really the point of this piece.

Let me introduce you to a song, and not to a band. I want you to listen to a song. What you think you know about Jars of Clay, maybe isn't what's true or real. Maybe wipe away your bias and forget the gossip, rumors, and all the things that you've heard about the band. Just allow yourself to be open enough -- just a little-- to actually hear the hearts of the band members. Maybe this time around you might gain a new respect for this band that lives in the "Middle Space."

Fall Asleep by Jars Of Clay

Life throws us in crazy directions. We feel like we are up one minute, and then we are down the next. We fall in love and Love beats us to the ground. We want to fight for our love, but then, again, we want to run from it -- the pain of the reality of our relationship. Finding love is just one stepping stone in an enormous garden that stretches for miles. Once we find love, can we hold on to it? Should we hold it too closely? Love is the heart of life, yet love that is dangerous...that becomes unhealthy can confuse a person.

Maybe a dangerous love makes us want to drown ourselves from the troubles of the world or maybe we just need to escape from the relationships that hold us captive. Sometimes we all wish we could just fall asleep.
Let go! Run from our lives. But then again... the deepest part of our being, we want to keep fighting.
Fighting for Love and Life. We realize that love -- with all it's joys and sorrows -- is worth it! Maybe life is worth living again. With all that said, let's get to a song. Will you allow yourself to just be lost in the music for a few minutes?

I don't want to introduce you to a band but to a song that describes the band more than my words could ever do in any exceptional manner. If you are brave, and even if you are scared, watch this video. Listen with your heart and watch with your soul. Does it speak to you? Do you see the heart of Jars of Clay? Are they a new band to you?

Fall Asleep on YouTube

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