Friday, December 09, 2011

Too Many Thoughts

I was thinking about how I love to learn. I have a great passion for education.

It's exciting for me to learn a new concept. When I understand a hard concept for the first time, I feel really productive. I enjoy the wisdom that flows from understanding. I truly believe that knowledge is power.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about Christianity. I think about the questions that no one likes to ask. I've been asking a lot of questions and praying for the answers. I know some of the answers, but not all and that's absolutely fine.

Sometimes, I get a little frustrated with the Universal Church. I love it so much, but I want it to want more for itself. Since the Church is a body of believers, I believe that we all need to work out some of our issues dealing with some controversial topics. I get upset at times with Christians, not all, but a few of the celebrity Christian so called "leaders". I feel like I need to write it down and get rid of the anger. 

My frustration with Christians comes from the fact that numerous Christians are afraid to research the Bible. I think so many people are arrogant because they believe that church leaders know everything, but in reality, there are truly several  pastors that are uneducated and ignorant of the bible in the USA. Many leaders only teach what they have been taught. There are a lot of Christian pastors/leaders that don't really know anything about what they are preaching.

I don't understand why people think this is ok. I don't think it's right. I believe that if we are wrong, we should not be scared to admit that fact. If we are right, we don't need to boast, but we should be humble. Let's rejoice in progress. 


  1. Every word in this post I 100% agree with. I recommend you to my friends and family. Intelligent people are the antioxidants of the realm of thought. Thanks for choosing the path of intelligence.

  2. Michael Garcie11:41 PM

    There are so many great talking points here. First, the love of learning really resonated with me. I still remember back in college studying for a science class and how elated I was when, after so many arduous days and nights, I finally begun to understand.

    I think the other great talking point is that of asking tough questions. Personally, I've tried to work hard on this. It seems to me that everyone usually says and thinks this about everyone but themselves. Whether they're on the right or the left, there are a lot of unexamined assumptions. Actual dialogue is really hard to find.

    Being able to admit or even be open to the idea that one may in fact be entirely off is tricky. One's essence could be torn away, leaving nothing but a hollow shell. Moreover, the arena can be problematic. For example, a work environment may not tolerate any wrongs fostering an " us" versus " them mentality and effectively cutting off any genuine inquiry.

    For me it's become more about cherishing the small moments. They make everything else tolerable.


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