Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Empty, But Not Numb

River flows in and out

empties into my soul
the energy, the vibe
the movement of the Spirit
the rhythm of the dance
the compassion of the heart
all encompass in the lyrics
the song that can not end
the lessons learned
the pain released
the healing that began
when one would speak
soft voice he had
deep and alluring
moved me to tears
pulled rich emotions up from the fear

my soul is crying
my eyes are longing
why I miss you so
I do not know
the stars still illuminate the sky
My heart is daily saying goodbye
My emotions are alive
are real inside
and I thank you
for helping me see
that empty does not mean alone
numb does not equal emptiness.
the journey of the soul
the complexities of one's life.
understanding nothing of
the depth of a life-
That is confusion
to the soul.

Freedom calls from
One that is life.
one that is confused
that is seeking...
Is reaching out
the heart that is
Empty, but not numb

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