Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jason Upton - Not Alone

Jason Upton

Sometimes a song just sticks with you. You don't forget it. Over time, your life is shaped by it. It continuously moves you to ponder and meditate on an essential truth throughout your years. Face of time by Jason Upton is one of those songs for me.   There are words from Face of Time that remain in my head and heart; and from time to time, I let it remind me that even though I suffer so much in this life, I have a God that loves me. Jesus loves me. The Father God loves me. The Holy Spirit loves me. I amloved. 

My favorite verses:
I can remember when
I was afraid like you
Not so long ago
Confusion ruled my life
Wondering what to do
Not so long ago


The pain hurt way too much
the water was so cold
Not so long ago
That's when the light rescued me
From the darkness I was free
Not so long ago

My absolute favorite part:
In the place of suffering
There's a God worth worshiping
On these wings of worship we will ride

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