Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forgive me for this lame post

Forgive me for this lame post. I just need to jot down a thought away from Facebook and Twitter.

Why are so many of the religious blogs always talking about sex, gender, and sexuality? It's usually nothing new or positive or hopeful. They just continue to spread church tradition and archaic teachings. It's exhausting to read anything from the Christian bubble. I think God wants us to grow and evolve into a group of people that can actually forgive and love others. Yes, it's hard. It's not easy to forgive or be nice or not judge. It's a challenge everyday to not hold someone's mistakes or stupidity over their heads. You have to fight your need to be superior. You have to kill your own pride. You are no better than any other human. Yes, you have to remind yourself of that everyday. Not.....Easy.