Sunday, August 11, 2013

Has The Word "Christian" Lost Its Meaning?

Has The Word "Christian" Lost  Its Meaning?

I love Jesus. I follow Him, but I'm so uncomfortable calling myself a "Christian" anymore. It seems like the word doesn't mean "little Christ" in this age. How can one call themselves the name "Christian" but not follow the true founder of their religion? If you say you follow Jesus, why would you spend all your time and energy hating homosexuals, being against same sex marriage, oppressing women, controlling the sex lives of other people and talking about abortion almost 24/7.

Did Jesus Christ, from our 4 canonical gospels, focus on those topics? No, He did not. He focused on the kingdom of His Father and making the Father known to man in a way that mankind had not seen or understood before in recorded history. Jesus explained the Father God. If you understand Jesus Christ, you have a better understanding of God the Father. Everything Jesus said came from the Father God. So, if Jesus only said what the Father wanted, why are we not focusing on the words of Jesus? Are they not important? Are the words of man more important than the words that came straight from God the Father to Jesus the Son?

In the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor no matter who he is and no matter how he worships. Is that really a hard concept? Can we all not live in a world where different denominations and sects or branches of Christianity come together in their shared belief and love of Jesus Christ?

Maybe, I'm a dreamer. Maybe I want too much from people that say they put their hope and faith in Jesus. I don't know if I'm filled with hope anymore when people whine if you don't use the name "Yeshua" for Jesus. I think Jesus (Yeshua) knows that we are praying to Him or talking about Him. I mean He is kinda ...ya know...The Son of God.

People are so focused on what can divide the body of Christ and not what unites all as one in Jesus. We've become blind to what really matters. We've lost our focus on the mission. We've forgotten our duty. We've forgotten to love one another.

Anyways...a house divided will fall.

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