Friday, January 27, 2012

Twilight: It gave me my brother, hope, and comfort.

The Twilight Saga
Sometimes I think about how one sided Social Media is to people. I only share a small bit of my life with you on social networks. I don't tell you everything. I don't have to tell you details.

  A few years my brother who isn't very close to me did something really nice. My brother and I don't spend time together. We don't really get along at all. He and I have had a very tumultuous sibling relationship. One time when we were teens, he beat the crap out of me, but I never felt the blows. I'm very good at going numb. I've had a history of abuse that I've suffered, so it's a normal thing for my body to not feel pain right away or at all at times. But back to the story. It's always good to give your read a little background before you begin to tell them something that's important to you or to the story.

  One winter night, my brother grabs me and tells me that I was going to go to the movies with him. I didn't know what we were going to go see, but he insisted that I should go. I didn't know why he was acting nice. He was acting NICE. You have no clue how scared I was about his behavior. I thought I should give him a chance. I trusted him. Trust doesn't come easy for me. I left with him in his car that had no heat. It was so cold that night. I was freezing. We drove to the movie theater in Pearl, MS.

  Standing outside the ticket booth, my brother orders two tickets for this movie called "Twilight." I didn't know really anything about it. I had heard from an ABC "Nightline" television show that a woman wrote a book, and lots of girls were into reading now and the girls had totally fell in love with the story. I didn't really pay much attention to the broadcast that night when it was on because I was distracted by other things. I didn't know the story of Bella and Edward and Jacob.

 The beginning of the movie was kinda slow, but it peaked my interest because my sister lived in Arizona for a short time. I was kind of expecting just the regular teenage drama movie. I didn't know about all the supernatural stuff in the plot. When the van almost hit Bella and Edward came to her to save her, I was hooked. That's an amazingly beautiful scene on the big screen.  It sealed it for me. I was liking this budding romance. There were still slow moments in the movie but there were amazing scenes like Bella and Edward in the meadow where they talked about the Lion and the Lamb. The scene of rain with the couple was just beautifully shot. And for the me the restaurant and the fight scene that contained the songs by Robert Pattinson just blew me away. RP has a thing for southern blues. He's been messing around with it. I love budding new indie rough around the edges kind of music. And!  My brother slept for the end of the movie. He was really tired, but he like the scene of Jacob 'crashing' the prom. I felt the same way as my brother about that scene. It was awesome and it hinted a lot. It was a nice night.

My brother that hates me gave me a moment to be siblings. Twilight gave me that. And the books have giving me countless hours of comfort and joy. I can escape into a beautifully written (but not perfect by any literary standard of the snobs that judge it), world of love and family and friendship. A friendship between the awkward girl and an amazing copper-skinned boy that never ended even when everything changed.

I love Twilight. I don't judge it like some of you do. I see the beauty of the story. I see the hope in the friendship of Bella and Jacob. I see the love of Bella and Edward. It gave me hope. You can insult me and the book. You can call it garbage and hurt my feelings or you can understand what it means to me. My brother gave me something that in turned later gave me comfort when I lost a dear friend of mine over a very bad miscommunication issue.  That's my story. Bite me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sick of Rainy Days!

I'm frustrated. I'm sick of rainy days, and I'm not feeling well. My eyes are so weak. My skin feels itchy. I just want to feel better. I'm moody. Ignore me for a few days.

I seriously need a boyfriend. I WANT a boyfriend. I don't like being single. I don't think it suits me at all. I'm lonely. I want love and romance and all that jazz.

Sorry this is a crappy excuse for a post, but I don't really have the energy to write. Pray I feel better. 

I will bring you something better in a couple of days.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Blog Post Once a Week

Welcome to my blog. I really need to get back into writing, basically for my sanity and to maintain my writing skills. It's been a long time since I've actually wanted to write. I feel a desire to write now. I will be trying my best to update my blog at least once a week. I think that I can handle that. I hope to write about many different subjects. I really enjoy computers and technology. I'm a huge fan of Christianity, and I will post a Christian post once and a while to get people thinking. I will try to include pictures on here also.

This is a exercise to get myself to a place where I feel comfortable expressing myself in written form. I'm a very shy person, and I really have to push myself to reach out to people. I'm pushing, and I hope you will pull me along. I will try my best to be supportive and push you just a little too. I have also encouraged my Facebook, Twitter, and my Google Plus friends to start a blog on blogger also and try to blog out some of our feelings. If you already have a blog somewhere else, comment the url link below, and I will follow you too. I think this will be fun, and hopefully this will help a lot of us get to know each other better. Let the writing begin.

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