Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 Practical Ways to Reshape the Image of Black and African Females in Society.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
~ Edmund Burke

I came up with 20 practical ways to change the image of Black females in society.

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20 Practical Ways To Reshape the Image of Black Females.

1. Stop posting degrading pictures of Black Women on social networking sites.

2. Start showing beautiful images of successful and talented Black females online.

3. Make a poster or collage of beautiful Black females of different shades and tones: From the whitest skin to the darkest black. Show them to your friends. Post them online.

4. If you have daughters, buy dolls of all races. Show them kid/teen movies that have diversity in their cast.

5. Teach your children to respect all people no matter what color their skin and teach them to not believe and perpetuate stereotypes of black women.

6. Ask the media to show more Black females in leading roles on television and in the movies.

7. Ask the children and teen networks to have more Black females and Black males as the leading actors in some of their new shows.

8. Demand that Hollywood shows diversity in the casting of Black females. Ask them to not continue in only casting the “mammy” or the loud, mean, nasty, overweight, round face black women. Ask them to show a more realistic view of the different types of Black women in America.

9. Teach your sons that all women are beautiful regardless of color of their skin. Show them beautiful pictures of women around the world. If you teach your sons that it's ok to think that black women are beautiful and sexy, they will learn to think of Black women as you do. You influence how they think about different groups of people.

10. Have a diversity dinner at your home that celebrates different cultures.

11. Don't have just one token black guy friend. Make an effort to reach out to Black females.

12. Social Networks – Friend or Circle Black Females. Make an effort.

13. Educate yourself to the problems that Black Females face in society. If you know more of the problems, you can help to come up with simple solutions to fix the issues.

14. Create a YouTube video and talk about the problems and talk about solutions. Educate yourself first before you create the video. Have a friend review the video to make sure you are getting the right message across.

15. Celebrate Black History month. Showcase the achievements and contributions of Black Americans in the USA. It's a great time to talk about race and issues that are still plaguing many people. Take the month of February and use it to help start a revolution. Maybe one day there will be no need to have just one month to celebrate Black Americans. Maybe you will have made such an impact that all ethnicities contributions to society will all be equally celebrated in history. (Make a resolution to take 3 or 6 months and celebrate all the different ethnicities in the world)

16. Post a movie clip that shows Black females (positive and negative types). Create a discussion post and talk about the Stereotype vs. Reality of Black females. Teach your friends.

17. Showcase books and poetry by Black authors. There are many Black female authors. Show them to the world.

18. Show the artwork of Black female artists. Art, music, plays, etc, – show them to your friends

19. Understand the power of share on social networks and use it to start a revolution of equality and diversity. There is a great amount of power when you share positive images. Ask your friends to share. Share positive images of people when you are asked to do so. Sharing is a small effort that can have enormous impact on society. Use that “Share” button and use it often.

20. Do a hangout on Google Plus (Video Chat) with Black Women. Include them in your discussions and posts. Ask for the feedback of Black females. Including people is a simple solution.

These are just a few practical ways. I believe that many of you can come up with more. You could easily take one idea that I have on here and break it down to a more detail plan. There are usually always ways to make things better. All you have to do is just think about the problem and usually solutions will come to you.

Share this... Thank you.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jason Upton - Not Alone

Jason Upton

Sometimes a song just sticks with you. You don't forget it. Over time, your life is shaped by it. It continuously moves you to ponder and meditate on an essential truth throughout your years. Face of time by Jason Upton is one of those songs for me.   There are words from Face of Time that remain in my head and heart; and from time to time, I let it remind me that even though I suffer so much in this life, I have a God that loves me. Jesus loves me. The Father God loves me. The Holy Spirit loves me. I amloved. 

My favorite verses:
I can remember when
I was afraid like you
Not so long ago
Confusion ruled my life
Wondering what to do
Not so long ago


The pain hurt way too much
the water was so cold
Not so long ago
That's when the light rescued me
From the darkness I was free
Not so long ago

My absolute favorite part:
In the place of suffering
There's a God worth worshiping
On these wings of worship we will ride

Friday, February 03, 2012

One Day

One day I won't have to lead my friends to celebrate Black History month. One day when the whites do it before me, I'll know things have changed.

One day when whites post videos of positive and beautiful black women and treat black men with respect, I will know that we are accepted.

One day when it will not be blacks against whites. It will be people for people. 

One day you will love us. One day you will be fair. One day there will be no need to have a Black History month.

One day our histories will be one. One united history.

That day is not today.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Don't ASSume emotions from text on social networks.

Don't ASSume emotions from text on social networks.

Yes, I know I talk fast. I only do that when I'm annoyed or have a time constraint. I was under a time constraint the day I recorded this. I think the message is clear even though I had to rush it to get it recorded before I left to do other errands that day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Empty, But Not Numb

River flows in and out

empties into my soul
the energy, the vibe
the movement of the Spirit
the rhythm of the dance
the compassion of the heart
all encompass in the lyrics
the song that can not end
the lessons learned
the pain released
the healing that began
when one would speak
soft voice he had
deep and alluring
moved me to tears
pulled rich emotions up from the fear

my soul is crying
my eyes are longing
why I miss you so
I do not know
the stars still illuminate the sky
My heart is daily saying goodbye
My emotions are alive
are real inside
and I thank you
for helping me see
that empty does not mean alone
numb does not equal emptiness.
the journey of the soul
the complexities of one's life.
understanding nothing of
the depth of a life-
That is confusion
to the soul.

Freedom calls from
One that is life.
one that is confused
that is seeking...
Is reaching out
the heart that is
Empty, but not numb

Night Calls To My Mind

I stay up late. Sometimes I feel that too many thoughts are held captive in my mind. Maybe something beautiful wants to escape the comfort of my brain. It could be a God sent message or a just a random idea that might get a laugh. I don't share much about myself.

 I'm a very shy woman, and I like to keep some mystery to myself, but I'm a very open and honest person. If you want to know something about me, do not be afraid to ask. I will answer.

Sometimes my honesty and direct approach about certain subjects gets me in more hot water than anything else. I sometimes don't know why people get so offended by things I say or write. It's not like I'm sitting around thinking up crazy things that aren't true. Sometimes the truth hurts about the things we love the most.

Our affections are often place on the wrong things. We can care more about a building than the body. We care more about perfect morality than true holiness. We ignore the poor and act as though we are fighting injustice. Our blindness has caused so many of us to miss out on the simple beauties that surround us.

How can we find peace? How can we hold on to Peace? How can we change a world if we do not admit that we need to don ourselves with sackcloth. We need to weep and repent of the little things and then maybe the big things would not be so hard to change. Just imagine all the things that one city, one church might need. Imagine all the people that we forget , all the people that we pass over, and never realizing that we could be something of a catalyst to their lives.We could be a little light that helps the world see the hidden light within themselves. We could be a soul that truly cares for others. Maybe we could be that city on a hill...again.

The night calls to my mind the story of Nicodemus. Why must one search for truth in the dark as though he is afraid of it when it's standing right next to him in the light? So what if we are hated by the institutions and organizations that we have become so loyal to in this day? It is better to fight for what is real then to continue down a road that leads to destruction. A road that is paved in misinformation, bad teaching, and hate.

July 28, 2005 - Come Out!

I scream so loud, but no one hears. I fight inside to hide my fears. I hate, I hate to be here! Why can't I just die? Like Elijah, I'm calling to You!


I think this world is blind.

We all run around and act as though we're fine. The lies we tell, the hearts we break, and our selfish SOUL-it aches.

What can I say? We like to dine with sin. We like to call him our friend! "I'm ok as long as no one knows or cares." How can we be so blind? How can we continue to grieve the heart of our God? WHERE IS OUR MIND? How can we ignore Him when He calls our name?

Does He deserve our Lover sin? Did Jesus forget that He saved our souls way back then? Is His heart made of ice and cold? Or does He wait for us to venture forth from our darkness, from our shadows and call on Him inspite of the snow? Does He realize that it is so hard for us to accept His love? When will He learn to let us go?

My God is a God that knows. His love He shows. My God disciplines.

My God does not condone sin.







Pure Drink

Preface -- This is a poem about a friendship. It isn't about love at all, not really. About a pure friendship. 

 Pure Drink

Let me pour you a drink
It will consist of my love
It will be light and crisp
Filled with Passion and Desire
Filled with Loyalty and Kindness
It will have a hint of joy and a touch of whine
It has the side effect of making you dizzy with wonder
Many are captivated with a curiosity about what makes me shine
Many have yearned to touch my soul
Some have been, at times,
Drunk on my mystery
Intoxicated by my wonder

I never let them in
I never let them stay

They just drink my wine

My lover,who is true, never ever
needs a sip of my drink

His love is pure
He sees me for the maiden I am
And he doesn't change me
And I won't change him

Our love is pure
No chains, No rings, No demands
Our love is pure


[Preface -- This is about a friend of mine that I loved. I still love. Sometimes it's hard to get to know people when they have walls up around their heart. You can't just destroy the walls quickly without destroying the person.]

There's a sadness about you

There's a sadness about me

There is BEAUTY in you
There is BEAUTY in me

I take the time to see you
Do you take the time to discover me?
Do I care enough to know you?
Do you care enough to feel something for me?

Is fear keeping you at a distance?
Am I trying to hard?
Did I push you away?
Maybe I'm not ready to let you in
or give my heart away

There's a sadness about you
There's a sadness about me

Maybe there is something deep
Deeper than my hesitation
Caused by me
Intimidated by you
I stay behind the fence
I am afraid to take the first step
On the outside, I remain
Maybe there is something deep

Deeper than your broken heart
Deeper than the pain that keeps us both apart