Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Night Calls To My Mind

I stay up late. Sometimes I feel that too many thoughts are held captive in my mind. Maybe something beautiful wants to escape the comfort of my brain. It could be a God sent message or a just a random idea that might get a laugh. I don't share much about myself.

 I'm a very shy woman, and I like to keep some mystery to myself, but I'm a very open and honest person. If you want to know something about me, do not be afraid to ask. I will answer.

Sometimes my honesty and direct approach about certain subjects gets me in more hot water than anything else. I sometimes don't know why people get so offended by things I say or write. It's not like I'm sitting around thinking up crazy things that aren't true. Sometimes the truth hurts about the things we love the most.

Our affections are often place on the wrong things. We can care more about a building than the body. We care more about perfect morality than true holiness. We ignore the poor and act as though we are fighting injustice. Our blindness has caused so many of us to miss out on the simple beauties that surround us.

How can we find peace? How can we hold on to Peace? How can we change a world if we do not admit that we need to don ourselves with sackcloth. We need to weep and repent of the little things and then maybe the big things would not be so hard to change. Just imagine all the things that one city, one church might need. Imagine all the people that we forget , all the people that we pass over, and never realizing that we could be something of a catalyst to their lives.We could be a little light that helps the world see the hidden light within themselves. We could be a soul that truly cares for others. Maybe we could be that city on a hill...again.

The night calls to my mind the story of Nicodemus. Why must one search for truth in the dark as though he is afraid of it when it's standing right next to him in the light? So what if we are hated by the institutions and organizations that we have become so loyal to in this day? It is better to fight for what is real then to continue down a road that leads to destruction. A road that is paved in misinformation, bad teaching, and hate.

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