Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pure Drink

Preface -- This is a poem about a friendship. It isn't about love at all, not really. About a pure friendship. 

 Pure Drink

Let me pour you a drink
It will consist of my love
It will be light and crisp
Filled with Passion and Desire
Filled with Loyalty and Kindness
It will have a hint of joy and a touch of whine
It has the side effect of making you dizzy with wonder
Many are captivated with a curiosity about what makes me shine
Many have yearned to touch my soul
Some have been, at times,
Drunk on my mystery
Intoxicated by my wonder

I never let them in
I never let them stay

They just drink my wine

My lover,who is true, never ever
needs a sip of my drink

His love is pure
He sees me for the maiden I am
And he doesn't change me
And I won't change him

Our love is pure
No chains, No rings, No demands
Our love is pure

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